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SalesWidget Blog: Początki Biznesu E-commerce-Jak Zacząć?

The Best E-commerce Platforms for Small and Medium Enterprises

Conducting business on the Internet is a convenient solution. It offers numerous tangible benefits in the contemporary world. However, one cannot forget that this method is very different from the conventional way of running a company. There are several additional obligations, and one of them is the selection of an e-commerce platform.

Two solutions, many benefits

There are two primary solutions to select from in case of e-commerce platforms:

  • the SaaS model: i.e. renting a service. The service provider is responsible for hosting and there is a joint platform which all users sign in to and use solely its resources. Payments are usually recurring, i.e. the use of the platform and the payments are like a subscription. This solution is recommended for small and medium enterprises who do not have a particularly large budget at their disposal. Also, users get access to technical support which is incredibly important for people just starting their Internet operations.
  • self-hosted: this is a solution consisting of installing software on one's own server. It may entail the purchase of one's own domain and hosting as well as handling the administration on your own. In this case, the entrepreneur's budget should be much higher and in-house knowledge of the topic should be sufficient to enable the company to effectively and, most importantly, efficiently manage the platform. 
Currently, there are vast numbers of e-commerce platforms available. The choice is not an easy one, which is why we decided to help small entrepreneurs who have only just begun their operations to make the first step and select the best software for them.

 Shoper—simple installation and easy use

 This is possibly the most popular e-commerce platform among small enterprises. It is mainly valued for its easy installation, which enables quick implementation of one's plans and a rapid start to operations. Its handling does not require the entrepreneur to have specialized knowledge, which turns the first steps with the application into a genuine pleasure. A typical SaaS solution. The monthly subscription fee starts at PLN 33.

 WooCommerce—vast possibilities

 This is a free solution, and therefore the entrepreneur's finances should not be a problem. This is a WordPress plugin and it is similarly easy to set up. The advantages undoubtedly include a community of engaged users who contribute to the dynamic development of WooCommerce, which mainly depends on your shop's development. You also contribute to the enhancement of the software. For those who do not need many features there is the free version, if you want better results, you can install additional plugins for a fee. 

 BigCommerce—positioning at the highest level

 There have been 90,000 shops created using this platform so far. It is used on a subscription basis with the first 15 days free of charge. The greatest advantage? The platform is perfectly adjusted for positioning, and as a result it has the 10 factors which influence SEO. The available applications are both free and paid.
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