Sell more, faster, with less effort!

Sales Automation

Sales Automation is nothing other than serving the customer a ready-made offer "on a plate". It cannot get any easier or more effective!
Automatic sales messages
The key word is "automatic", which means that the Sales Widget will sell for you, relieving you of the obligation to constantly monitor what is currently happening in your store. It is a tool that works 24/7 for you, while you dedicate yourself to other duties. Sales Automation is designed to create ready-made sales messages that are displayed to specific groups of users, giving them the possibility to make an immediate purchase.
Individual offer from each customer
"Individual", that is, different for each client, tailored to their needs, interests, and preferences. It can be compared to an offer which, for example, is presented to us by sellers in a stationary store after earlier observation of our behavior and receiving of a few answers to posed questions. In the case of Sales Automation, there is no need to carry out an "interview" with the user because the system, through verifying the type and profile of the user, sends a specific offer in their direction automatically.
Effective marketing and sales campaigns
Sales Automation allows you to develop effective and properly planned marketing and sales campaigns. The seller must only determine the needs of a particular group of customers and then the Sales Widget, after analyzing the user's actions, will display information about products and promotions that fit in with their expectations.