Our mission and vision

The Internet is constantly evolving. New technologies are created that are changing the world. At SalesWidget.com we want to actively participate in the creation of modern channels of communication on the Internet.

We want to support our clients in building strong and durable relationships with customers, so they can develop their brand and sales on the web.

At SalesWidget.com, we care that the relationships of our clients with the users of their pages and websites is based on commitment and gives the fastest and best cooperation on-line.


The mission of SalesWidget.com is to constantly take care of increasing our customers’ sales and maximizing profits for our shareholders.

  • We want to be present on all pages and websites

  • We want to be a determinant of building long-term values and relationships

  • We want our presence on the Internet to determine quality and confidence


Our values and vision

  • We want to be a friendly place to work, where everyone, through their own development, will be able to create the best solutions for our customers

  • We want our solution to be the best system for increasing sales and involvement of users in the pages and websites of our customers

  • We want our product to grow constantly and quickly so our customers will always overtake their competition.


Tomasz Ławniczak CEO

About Us

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