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Live chat staje się jednym z głównych narzędzi komunikacji z klientem w e-sklepie. Dowiedz się jak go używać, by Twoi klienci byli zadowoleni!

Live chat conversation psychology – get acquainted with your clients!

Live chat is becoming one of the main tools for communication with clients in e-shops. Research confirms it—as many as 64% of Internet users would like to have access to Live chat during shopping in an e-shop. Almost 80% even declare that they would be eager to use this functionality. Is the e-commerce industry prepared for such a revolution?

The implementation of a live chat function is connected with employing additional workers, i.e. a customer service employee who would be available for clients at all times. Of course, it is worth considering allocating particular times for live chat. It is clear that it is impossible, or at least very difficult, to organize guaranteed 24/7 support. One should also take care that the conversations will be handled in a manner suitable for the user's profile. These are the factors which can prove to be the key to success. 

A good customer service employee, meaning who?

  • Someone with a positive approach to clients: there is possibly nothing more frustrating than an employee who does not treat clients with respect, and their dissatisfaction can be sensed for hundreds of kilometers. So the person on the other side of the monitor should be patient, civil, and polite. One should remember that communication barriers can occur during a conversation. The client may expect us to provide very precise explanations. Despite the fact that our smile is not visible for the other person, it should always be on our face. 
  • Someone able to solve problems: problems are an inherent aspect of customer service. You cannot run away from them or avoid them. You need to muster your courage and face them. You should explain everything to the client in the most approachable and simple way. The client must be satisfied with the entire conversation and feel that you are there for them. 
  • Someone persuasive: not everyone has the gift of persuasion, but it can be acquired. You only need to know what you really want and be down-to-earth. Forget about any type of manipulation and rather focus on presenting the benefits you can provide to the client – what is it that distinguishes your services from the services of others?

Shorten the distance but do not cross boundaries

A conversation with a client using live chat should be conducted in a particular manner. Anonymity significantly shortens the distance between the seller and the client. You can speak more freely, but there are boundaries. You must always remember to be polite and satisfy the needs of your recipient. This is a typical dialogue based on conveying information, receiving it and reacting to it. A large number of Internet users use pseudonyms on live chats, which is particularly noticeable if you provide services to a young target group. It is advisable to exploit this fact and adjust the language and tone to your group's profile. Do not be too formal in such situations. Let the conversation be casual or “loose” and show that you know who your client is. This style of communication may not be useful in the case of medical or legal services where the focus is on a more professional approach and providing information in a transparent manner. 

It is also good to consider automatic conversation initiation. A live chat can greet a website user on its own and encourage real-time contact. SalesWidget's functionalities also enable you to follow your client's actions. You will receive information whenever they face problems during the shopping process or when they become interested in a particular product. It is recommended that you react in some way in such a case, you can assist or advise them, or simply inform the user that they can count on you.
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