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Get to Know Your Customers!

"You can distinguish yourself from others, proving to customers that you know how to help them" - it is necessary to know that customers are usually indecisive and they need someone who will help them make the right decision. The seller is, therefore, the one who should not only provide customers with goods but is also their advisor. In Internet sales, it was not always possible to talk to the website user when he made purchase or browsed our offer. It is possible now, and thus the online store is no longer deprived of possibilities to make real-time contact with the customer. 

Target group - why is it worth getting to know it

Without knowledge about your customers, sales is like a Sisyphean task: aimless, hardly efficient and ineffective. With time, the seller loses motivation and is forced to close the company. At the beginning, it is enough to get to know people who will use our services. It protects us from conducting senseless activities, which in consequence will lead us not to achieving a goal and success, but to loss and failure. 

Disregarding your target group, and in particular the process of getting to know them, and focusing only on your own benefits is the greatest mistake made by sellers. Unfortunately, we come across such a situation very often and, at the same time, we give the green light to those competitors from the industry who focus on the needs and expectations of their target group. Customers cannot be defined in terms of other sellers. It is obvious that different persons will be interested in buying clothes for infants and electronic equipment. Each and every case is different and for this reason, everyone should independently develop their own sales strategy. 

The seller who has appropriate data about their target group has a great advantage over competitors. He/she can create an offer which will be closest to the customers needs. What are the specific benefits? 

  • The customers trust.
  • Increased sales.
  • Greater numbers of regular customers.
  • Satisfying profits.
  • Positive brand image.

Advise, support and build partner relations with customers

SalesWidget is communication channel which gives a wide range of benefits and opportunities. First of all, we are getting to know our customers. We have access to information which makes it possible to develop a profile of your potential customer. Subsequently, we can adjust our offer on the basis of this data. It is also significant that during the user's browsing of the store website, we not only talk to him in real-time, we can see which products are browsed, what he is interested in and, at the same time, we can advise him accordingly. It has tremendous importance for the customer who often expects more than the seller can offer. SalesWidget is a tool which delivers benefits equally to the seller and to the customer.

Customers appreciate everything and anything they dont receive from other sellers. Even the smallest detail may become your strength and help you gain advantage over competitors. Live chat is a limitless source of knowledge about the website users, but it is up to you how to use it.
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