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Content Marketing – a Recipe for Success

It goes without saying that content has, for some time now, occupied the throne of the king of marketing. It also seems that it is set to stay there for the time being. However, it is not a mystery that good content goes by many names. What brings profits and benefits to some can be of little value to others. Maybe you are simply doing it differently to what you should be?

Content production

Internet users are looking for reliable descriptions of products, guides abundant with information, interesting infographics, and verified recommendations. Are their expectations set too high? Not if we realize that focusing on content is important. As many as 70% of Internet users admit that they use Internet content rather than conventional advertisements to find information on companies, products, and services. Sounds convincing, doesn't it? A good product description does not scream “buy me!”, “I am the best!” or “this is the only right choice”. It is mainly about showing why it is good. Sell the benefits, because your products certainly have many of these. The same applies to guides on blogs. Posts cannot be dry, emotionless, and bland. Anyone can write a text, but only some can write a compelling one, it must be permeated with knowledge conveyed in a simple and understandable way. It is better to write a short, interesting guide, rather than a long one which will bore the reader after the first sentence. Also, recommendations, tests, and opinions are becoming more and more valuable. They not only confirm the product's efficiency but also serve as a terrific advertisement. Let your clients and experts talk—let them be a showcase for your brand. 

Learn to speak using your clients' language

One of the most basic and, unfortunately, most frequent mistakes is an incorrectly identified target group or a complete lack of knowledge about it. Can you sell cosmetics for older women by telling them a story about the fantastic scent and citrus freshness? Of course it is possible, but it is best to do so in a way which allows the woman looking for an exclusive cosmetic to come round to the unique, fruit energy. She will be more appreciative of the fact that it helps her get rid of problems with her skin not being supple enough, or dry skin, and that it contains naturally derived ingredients. This applies to any other industry. A shop with baby products is targeted at young mothers who want safe products for their babies, so it is advisable to talk about care, attention, responsible parenting, and happy babies. If one provides services in the scope of cabinet making, do not forget that you are talking to people looking for modern and practical furniture, who do not need to know what a separable dowel joint is. 

DMP, i.e. identifying personas

Modern tools for data identification were created not only for creation sake but also to be utilized. A Data Management Platform is a tool which gathers in one place valuable and necessary data about website users, thereby helping create content adjusted to their needs. This enables us to learn about our potential clients' behaviors, their interests, and which products and tabs they most frequently view. We also receive demographic data, such as age, sex, profession, and place of residence. Moreover, we have access to information on the products a particular user was searching for. This way, a profile is created for everyone who visited our website. Is it too little to ask to properly adjust the subject to the needs of our individual client?

 Content marketing did not emerge to be quickly forgotten. It emerged, it continues to exist, and it is here to stay.
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