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Building a Good Company Image

Care for your own image is an indispensable element of the contemporary world. Everyone makes sure that their image is perceived in the manner in which they want it. It is the same with your own company. To talk about success, we have to not only acquire customers who will stay with us, and come […]

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SalesWidget Blog: Organizacja Postów na Social Media

Organization of Posts in Social Media – a Necessary Task for Image Building

Building an image of a company may be passive, i.e. focused on delivering the offer and satisfying clients’ needs, or it may be active, where the improvement of the image is the immediate goal. Social media play an important role with regard to the latter. Establishing a strong bond with a client, however, can prove […]

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SalesWidget Blog: Początki Biznesu E-commerce-Jak Zacząć?

The Best E-commerce Platforms for Small and Medium Enterprises

Conducting business on the Internet is a convenient solution. It offers numerous tangible benefits in the contemporary world. However, one cannot forget that this method is very different from the conventional way of running a company. There are several additional obligations, and one of them is the selection of an e-commerce platform. Two solutions, many benefits There […]

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Live chat staje się jednym z głównych narzędzi komunikacji z klientem w e-sklepie. Dowiedz się jak go używać, by Twoi klienci byli zadowoleni!

Live chat conversation psychology – get acquainted with your clients!

Live chat is becoming one of the main tools for communication with clients in e-shops. Research confirms it—as many as 64% of Internet users would like to have access to Live chat during shopping in an e-shop. Almost 80% even declare that they would be eager to use this functionality. Is the e-commerce industry prepared for such a […]

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Get to Know Your Customers!

„You can distinguish yourself from others, proving to customers that you know how to help them” – it is necessary to know that customers are usually indecisive and they need someone who will help them make the right decision. The seller is, therefore, the one who should not only provide customers with goods but is also their advisor. In Internet sales, it […]

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